Amber Heard Filmography All Films Box Office Numbers Profit

Amber Heard Filmography All Films Box Office Numbers

Amber Laura Heard is an American actress born on April 22, 1986 in Texas, she made her film debut in a minor supporting role in the sports drama Friday Night Lights (2004), followed by a series of other small roles in television and film.

Her first leading role was in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), but it was not released in the United States until 2013 due to distribution problems. Her second major role came in the short-running The CW television series Hidden Palms (2007).

Heard appeared in the Academy Award-nominated film, North Country (2005), in which she played Charlize Theron’s character in flashbacks.

Other early film credits include: Syrup (2013), Drive Angry (2011) 3D, The Joneses (2009), Never Back Down (2008), Alpha Dog (2006) and Friday Night Lights (2004). On television, Heard starred on The CW drama, Hidden Palms (2007), and had guest starring roles on Showtime’s Californication (2007) and CBS’s Criminal Minds (2005).

Heard resides in Los Angeles, where she is actively involved with Amnesty International. In 2015, she married actor Johnny Depp, and the two divorced in 2017. Wiki

Amber Heard Filmography All Films Box Office Numbers

Amber Heard Filmography All Films Box Office Numbers

 TitleRelease DateBudgetDomestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
30London Fields26-Oct-18$8,000,000$252,676$487,420
29Her Smell12-Apr-19 $255,599$260,481
28Justice League17-Oct-17$300,000,000$229,024,295$657,926,987
27I Do… Until I Don’t1-Sep-17 $280,668$280,668
26The Danish Girl27-Nov-15$15,000,000$11,114,018$64,191,523
25Magic Mike XXL1-Jul-15$14,800,000$66,013,057$117,813,057
24One More Time8-Apr-16  $8,317
23The Adderall Diaries15-Apr-16 $13,191$15,364
223 Days to Kill21-Feb-14$28,000,000$30,697,999$53,260,230
21Machete Kills11-Oct-13$20,000,000$8,008,161$17,496,820
19Syrup7-Jun-13 $663$663
18The Rum Diary28-Oct-11$45,000,000$13,109,815$30,134,958
17Drive Angry25-Feb-11$40,000,000$10,721,033$40,909,909
16The Ward10-Mar-11$10,000,000 $5,343,820
15The River Why    
14And Soon the Darkness17-Dec-10  $177,182
13The Stepfather16-Oct-09$20,000,000$29,062,561$31,198,531
11The Joneses16-Apr-10$10,000,000$1,475,746$7,043,835
9Pineapple Express6-Aug-08$27,000,000$87,341,380$101,624,843
8The Informers24-Apr-09$18,000,000$300,000$382,174
7Never Back Down14-Mar-08$20,000,000$24,850,922$41,627,431
6Remember the Daze11-Apr-08   
5All the Boys Love Mandy Lane16-May-07$750,000 $1,904,640
4Alpha Dog12-Jan-07$9,500,000$15,309,602$32,351,125
3North Country21-Oct-05$35,000,000$18,337,722$25,211,175
2Drop Dead Sexy12-Mar-05   
1Friday Night Lights8-Oct-04$30,000,000$61,255,921$61,950,770

Amber Heard Filmography All Films Highest BO Grossers 

TitleRelease DateBudgetDomestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
Justice League17-Oct-17$300,000,000$229,024,295$657,926,987
Magic Mike XXL1-Jul-15$14,800,000$66,013,057$117,813,057
Pineapple Express6-Aug-08$27,000,000$87,341,380$101,624,843
The Danish Girl27-Nov-15$15,000,000$11,114,018$64,191,523
Friday Night Lights8-Oct-04$30,000,000$61,255,921$61,950,770
3 Days to Kill21-Feb-14$28,000,000$30,697,999$53,260,230

Amber Heard Filmography All Films Lowest BO Grossers

TitleRelease DateBudgetDomestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
Syrup7-Jun-13 $663$663
One More Time8-Apr-16  $8,317
The Adderall Diaries15-Apr-16 $13,191$15,364
And Soon the Darkness17-Dec-10  $177,182
Her Smell12-Apr-19 $255,599$260,481
I Do… Until I Don’t1-Sep-17 $280,668$280,668
The Informers24-Apr-09$18,000,000$300,000$382,174

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