Jennifer Lopez Filmography All Movies Box Office Numbers

Jennifer Lopez Filmography All Movies Box Office Numbers

Jennifer Lynn Lopez born on July 24, 1969 also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman.

In 1991, Lopez began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, where she remained a regular until she decided to pursue an acting career in 1993.

For her first leading role in the 1997 Selena biopic of the same name, Lopez became the first Latin actress to earn over $1 million USD for a film. She went on to star in Anaconda (1997) and Out of Sight (1998), and later establishing herself as the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood.

Lopez ventured into the music industry with her debut studio album On the 6 (1999), which helped propel the Latin pop movement in American music.

With the simultaneous release of her second studio album J.Lo and her romantic comedy The Wedding Planner in 2001, Lopez became the first woman to have a number-one album and film in the same week.

Her 2002 remix album, J to tha L–O! The Remixes, became the first in history to debut atop the US Billboard 200. Later that year, she released her third studio album This Is Me… Then, and starred in the number one US box office Maid in Manhattan. Wiki

Jennifer Lopez Filmography All Movies Box Office Numbers

Jennifer Lopez Filmography All Movies Box Office Numbers

FilmRelease DateBudget Domestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
34Second Act6-Dec-18$16,000,000$39,282,227$72,294,066
33 Ice Age: Collision Course30-Jun-16$105,000,000$64,063,008$408,754,975
31Lila & Eve17-Jul-15$5,000,000$38,263$179,807
30 The Boy Next Door23-Jan-15$4,000,000$35,423,380$52,425,855
28Ice Age: Continental Drift13-Jul-12$95,000,000$161,321,843$877,244,782
27 What to Expect When You’re Expecting18-May-12$40,000,000$41,152,203$84,384,002
26The Back-up Plan23-Apr-10$35,000,000$37,490,007$77,477,008
25Feel the Noise5-Oct-07 $5,898,393$6,451,106
24 Manufacturing Dissent 30-Nov-07 
23El Cantante3-Aug-07 $7,556,712$8,057,636
21An Unfinished Life9-Sep-05 $30,000,000$8,586,392$18,618,284
19Shall We Dance?15-Oct-04 $50,000,000$57,890,460$170,128,460
18Jersey Girl26-Mar-04 $35,000,000$25,268,157$35,492,921
17Gigli1-Aug-03 $54,000,000$6,087,542$7,266,209
16Maid in Manhattan13-Dec-02 $55,000,000$94,011,225$154,906,693
15Enough24-May-02 $38,000,000$40,007,742$51,806,184
14Angel Eyes18-May-01 $53,000,000$24,174,218$29,715,606
13The Wedding Planner26-Jan-01$35,000,000$60,400,856$94,728,529
12The Cell18-Aug-00 $33,000,000$61,334,059$104,155,843
10Out of Sight26-Jun-98 $48,000,000$37,562,568$77,745,568
9U Turn3-Oct-97 $19,000,000$6,682,098$6,682,098
8Anaconda11-Apr-97 $45,000,000$65,885,767$136,885,767
7Selena21-Mar-97 $20,000,000$35,281,794$35,281,794
6Blood and Wine21-Feb-97 $26,000,000$1,094,668$1,094,668
5Jack9-Aug-96 $45,000,000$58,620,973$58,620,973
4Money Train22-Nov-95 $68,000,000$35,431,113$35,431,113
3My Family5-May-95 $3,800,000$11,079,373$11,079,373
2Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 723-Nov-93
1My Little Girl30-Oct-87$25,000$25,000

Jennifer Lopez  Highest BO Grossers

FilmRelease DateBudget Domestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
Ice Age: Continental Drift13-Jul-12$95,000,000$161,321,843$877,244,782
Ice Age: Collision Course30-Jun-16$105,000,000$64,063,008$408,754,975
Shall We Dance?15-Oct-04 $50,000,000$57,890,460$170,128,460
Maid in Manhattan13-Dec-02 $55,000,000$94,011,225$154,906,693
Anaconda11-Apr-97 $45,000,000$65,885,767$136,885,767

Jennifer Lopez  Lowest BO Grossers

FilmRelease DateBudget Domestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
My Little Girl30-Oct-87$25,000$25,000
Lila & Eve17-Jul-15$5,000,000$38,263$179,807
Blood and Wine21-Feb-97 $26,000,000$1,094,668$1,094,668
Feel the Noise5-Oct-07 $5,898,393$6,451,106
U Turn3-Oct-97 $19,000,000$6,682,098$6,682,098
Gigli1-Aug-03 $54,000,000$6,087,542$7,266,209
El Cantante3-Aug-07 $7,556,712$8,057,636
My Family5-May-95 $3,800,000$11,079,373$11,079,373
An Unfinished Life9-Sep-05 $30,000,000$8,586,392$18,618,284

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