Margarita Levieva All Films Box Office Numbers Profit

Margarita Levieva All Films Box Office Numbers

Margarita Vladimirovna Levieva is a Russian-American actress and dancer. Levieva was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and began training as a rhythmic gymnast at age three.

At age 11, she immigrated with her mother and twin brother to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where she continued her training.

Margarita Vladimirovna Levieva was born what was then Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, into a Jewish family. Both of her grandmothers, as children, survived the siege of Leningrad. From the age of three she began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics.

In 2005, Levieva made a guest appearance on Law & Order: Trial by Jury and in the following two years starred in the Fox series Vanished and feature films The InvisibleBilly’s Choice, and Noise, starring Tim Robbins, Bridget Moynahan, and William Hurt. Wiki

Margarita Levieva All Films

Margarita Levieva All Films Box Office Numbers

 TitleRelease DateBudgetDomestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
14Future World14-Jun-18 $163,313
13It Happened in L.A.3-Nov-17 
12Sleeping with Other People11-Sep-15 $819,431$3,224,947
11The Diary of a Teenage Girl7-Aug-15$2,000,000$1,477,002$1,775,133
10The Loft15-Oct-14$14,000,000$6,002,684$11,020,402
9Skoryy Moskva-Rossiya17-Apr-14  $5,173,335
8Knights of Badassdom21-Jan-14 $123,854$123,854
7For Ellen5-Sep-12 $12,396$20,746
6The Stand Up22-Oct-12  
5The Lincoln Lawyer18-Mar-11$40,000,000$58,009,200$86,752,352
2Noise9-May-08 $16,513$16,934
1The Invisible27-Apr-07 $20,578,909$26,810,113

Margarita Levieva All Films Highest BO Grossers 

TitleRelease DateBudgetDomestic BO CollectionWW BO Collection
The Lincoln Lawyer18-Mar-11$40,000,000$58,009,200$86,752,352
The Invisible27-Apr-07 $20,578,909$26,810,113
The Loft15-Oct-14$14,000,000$6,002,684$11,020,402

Margarita Levieva All Films Lowest BO Grossers

Noise9-May-08 $16,513$16,934
For Ellen5-Sep-12 $12,396$20,746
Knights of Badassdom21-Jan-14 $123,854$123,854
Future World14-Jun-18 $163,313
The Diary of a Teenage Girl7-Aug-15$2,000,000$1,477,002$1,775,133

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